Monday, September 26, 2011

In So Much Pain

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Recently I've been whining about a few pounds I've regained and how I need to get myself back into the workout routine. This time I feel so beat up and can hardly move around.

Should I say thanks to the power interruption we have had the whole time yesterday, I was able to finally grab and make use one of my newest workout accessories - the resistance tube set? Good heaven it was even tougher than lifting 2 (2lbs) dumbbells all at the same time! But I had to try. Otherwise, there's no way my muscles can get used to it.

By the way, I did Billy Blanks' Basic Bootcamp training using these bands. It is a 56-minute workout I used to do on a regular basis along with other programs. Can you imagine how it feels doing it again after being inactive for months? The muscles pain is driving me insane right now that I need to take a pain suppressant pill. If not, I would remain a junky for days.

Anyway, that was at least a start. Soon everything will be in place and I can be just as fine doing the routine just like the old times.