Monday, October 10, 2011

Tea Time!

BY Nancy G. Janiola IN , , , 1 comment

After pigging out at Mom's Birthday yesterday, I had to make sure I won't go to bed without burning those extra calories out first. And my way to do that is through a cup of this tea.

There were bunch of tempting treat, yes and I must admit I seemed to overate... not with rice though but with all its counterparts. See yummy photos HERE.

Oh and yes, I wasn't only fantasizing when I talked about reducing rice intake below. I'm really serious about shredding off more pounds and as fast as I could hopefully.


Lisa said...

Hi sis! Indeed, it is tea time here! A hot tea in this mid-afternoon where the sun hides behind the gray clouds and blows cool air.

Thanks for dropping by :). I uploaded a temporary template. Sayang kasi yung time para magtinker :D.. So, I upload the template with a slider in a test blog na lang muna.

I loved your banner. Ikaw gumawa? hehe.