Saturday, October 01, 2011

Chic House Decorating Idea

BY Nancy G. Janiola IN 1 comment

I took these pictures off a Pediatrician's clinic when we had my niece, Jam checked some few months ago. It gave me the idea of creating, if not collecting the same for a house decorative but the room space I got is suggesting contrarily. Too bad! :(

On a lighter note, I admire how medical clinics are nowadays. Looks like medical professionals are getting trendy now too unlike the old times. To me it's a plus - making it easier to convince the kids to see a Doctor and get treated accordingly and in a much more convenient manner.

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May said...

Wheeee! That looks like a great idea to try for my house too. A boring little corner could use a spice up. I get great ideas off our pedia's office too... kid advice and checkups + decor tips, now that's bang for buck! LoL. Happy colorful weekend Nancy!