Thursday, October 13, 2011

No Rice Diet. Now on my 2nd Week and Counting

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The quest has started and here are the recent proofs. Click image to view full size.

Foodies I've had and made myself over the first week

On losing weight I realized no matter how hard it is exercising alone can't do it all. So I had to redesign my plan. See On Reducing Rice Intake post below.

So far I already have lived a week without it. Funny because I didn't even seem to miss it!

I try to keep each meal as sufficing as possible then I won't have to look for in between grubs.

Bagged chips are recently out on my grocery list now too. Well except for those potato fries "wanna-be' up there. It's really just plain stuffs. Like popcorn kernels, you just have to fry it and it pops.

Way to go!

Wish I could get a new bathroom scale soon. A regular weight check is hard without it. Mine got broken when the kids had it for their plaything - without me around of course otherwise, they will just leave it alone and not touch it. Oh well... such are kids! I may just have to look for a new one when I get the chance... hopefully soon.

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