Sunday, November 27, 2011

Surefire Ways to Increase Your Personal Vibrations #1 Live in gratitude

BY Nancy G. Janiola IN , No comments

Each moment that you live in gratitude you raise your vibration. Next time you forget your attitude of gratitude stop and take a look around. Find something as simple as a plant in your living room. Take some time to appreciate the beauty that plant has added to your life. This works to shift your attitude because it is simple to be in a state of gratitude and unhappy at the same time.

TO DO: List some things you are grateful for.

My Gratitude List
1. INSTICT. It’s something I can count on it most of the time… a woman instinct that is.
2. TIME. For everything that I must do, I always have time… enough and sometimes even more.
3. WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITITES. The travel, the chance to catch some good time and just enjoy life as it is.
4. FAILURE. Sometimes we just have to understand we need to fail in order to succeed at some point.
5. CHANGES. Imagine how dull a life can be without it.

You can do this too. What are the things that you are grateful for?