Monday, December 19, 2011

20 Holiday Survival Guide by Micah #s 11-15

BY Nancy G. Janiola IN 17 comments

Just to keep you on track, see #s 1-5 link here and #s 6-10 here.


You organized a party and more people showed up than you had expected. There's not enough food for everyone.
Feel Good: Relax and remember that there's such a thing as pizza delivery. If you don't have enough cash on you, take a few close friends aside and ask if they can help you pay in the mean time.

You prepared and exchange gift, but you forgot to bring it to the party.
Do Good: If lots will be drawn at the party, take the host aside and tell him or her to take you off the list. If it's a Secret Santa, just approach the receiver and apologize for forgetting your present. Make sure you give it to him as soon as you can!

You were underdressed or overdressed for a party.
Look Good: You can usually tell by the venue if you need to dress up for an affair. If you're not sure, carry something that can quickly upgrade your look, like makeup or a dressy shawl. But if you're caught off guard, just apologize to the host for the oversight. There's not much else you can do, so let it go and enjoy yourself.

You're forced to meet and hang out with people you don't really know or like.
Feel Good: You're definitely not alone in this. Think of it as an opportunity to learn something new. Who knows? You might meet someone interesting, or you just might discover that you and your annoying cousin actually have lots in common.

You lost your wallet or got pick-pocketed while shopping.
Do Good: Prevent this by securing your valuables and minding your belongings at all times -- remember, shopping areas will be much more crowded and thieves will be on the prowl. If it has already happened, don't forget to cancel your ATM and credit cards right away. Report the loss to mall security in case someone returns it.

Five more... stay tuned!


Clint said...

Snatcher alert dapat lage! AKO! HAHA.

Edmar Gu-Quibb said...

helpful tips. tnx for such insights

tatess said...

I hate it when I ran out of food during party so i always make sure to cook more than the expected attendees or better yet a pot luck is a better alternative.

I like that snatcher alert too.

Sionee - kindlehearts said...

These are very helpful tips! I'm looking forward for the next 5.. :)
Thanks for sharing!

kiko :(|) said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful infos and tips

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Rachelle said...

hehe... thanks for these tips. I hate it when I'm underdressed or overdressed. It makes me feel I don't belong. :)

dennis galvez said...

thanks for posting! nice tips! 0_o

Shydub said...

hehe i wanna be a snacher alert. Thanks for sharing this tip.

Jonathan said...

Thanks for these tips!

Sining Factory said...

Great tips. Thanks for sharing those to us. :)

Christia's World said...

Speaking of forgetful Lucy, this actually happened to a few friends of mine today... 3 people forgot our xmas dinner was today so we had to resched the whole thing. LOL

Much love, Christia

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michi said...

i don't bring my wallet if i will go to bazaar, just enough cash and coin purse.

sarj said...

ui thanks for this post ha..daming info.galing.san mo nakukuha? :)

Little miss said...

makakalimutin kase ako eh , very good tips for me !

chrisair said...

ako din Forgetful Lucy
lalo na pag may namamasko, who are you again hehehe

Shirgie Scf said...

Oh no!!!....Forgetful Lucy is very's just that,. I am not

Rochelle Caparas said...

thanks for sharing these insights :) very helpful