Wednesday, December 21, 2011

20 Holiday Survival Guide by Micah: Final Set

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We're down to the last set of Holiday Survival Guide by Micah. For the previous posts kindly refer to the following links: #s 1-5, #s 6-10 and #s 11-15.

Ready for the final set? Here we go...


You stayed out too late with your friends after your class Christmas party, and now you're grounded - gasp! - for the rest of the break.
Feel Good: Your first impulse may be to slam your bedroom door and get mad at your parents, but let it go because it's Christmas and you shouldn't be fighting with your family. Instead, now's your chance to spend a lot of quality time with them., especially since you probably devoted more time with your friends throughout the school year.

You ordered your family's presents online and the items didn't arrive in time for Christmas.
Look Good: Tackle the situation with a sense of humor. On Christmas day give your family a handmade card that pokes fun at how their gifts are still on the way.

You got sick during the holidays.
Feel Good: You can still have fun while getting some rest. Play good ol' board games with your siblings, or have your cousins over for a movie marathon. Stuck in bed? Catch up on some reading or compose a year-ender blog entry.

You have exams first thing after the holidays.
Do Good: Set aside time for reviewing and stick to it. If you don't plan your Christmas schedule beforehand, you'll likely get caught up in all the social activities and end up not studying. Arrange a group study session if it'll help, but not if you know that you and your friends probably won't get anything done.

Ah, the inevitable -- you packed on a few unwanted pounds. Don't stress because you're likely the rule, not the exception.
Look Good: Don't feel so down and starve yourself for the rest of your Christmas break. Instead start the New Year with a new sport or fitness regimen. Make it a family or barkada activity so you won't ditch it before January ends!

I hope you find all these tips helpful. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!