Thursday, July 28, 2011

Useful Reading Material for Women

BY Nancy G. Janiola IN , , 1 comment

Hi there again! First off, I’d like to thank all those who have made it here despite my days-worth of absence. Whatever you did while here – followed my new page through GFC, liked Daily Grind’s fan page on Facebook, read my welcome post or simply took a peek – thank you so much.

For today I’d like to share this awesome book from Robin Marvel. I got it from the mail yesterday. He’s a direct advertiser who does Blogger to Blogger campaign and send out essential reading materials for review to interested bloggers. I of course was one of them and its arrival was obviously very timely for this page. For a teaser, it is an inspiring book each woman must have. I love how the front cover was created too. It is kind of summing up what the book’s entire content is all about before you can even start browsing the pages.

Anyway, feel free to leave me a message if you would want me to help you where and how to get this book. I haven't done organizing my blog pages yet so I won't mind you placing your inquiry through the comment box.

That’s all for now... See you!


jenny said...


I'm interested in this book. PLease do send me details and tell me how much it has helped you. ;)